Nolan’s Trilogy Still Schooling The Batman Movies That Came After

Nolan’s Trilogy Still Schooling The Batman Movies That Came After

Batman movies have always sparked us in every way possible. Matt Reeves is the most recent filmmaker to take on the Batman universe. Before Matt, Zack Snyder had the opportunity to portray Batman on the big screen. Although as it seems, both of them combined still can’t get ahead of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.


Matt Reeves’ The Batman released just a few months back. He was hoping for the movie to bring a new light in the BatUniverse. And it sort of did. In The Batman we can see Batman (Robert Pattinson) fighting crime at night while having vengeance on his mind. However, Matt completely ignored the Bruce Wayne part of the BatUniverse. Only a few scenes showed him as Bruce Wayne. The Bruce Wayne part of the Batman movies has been the favourite of many but Matt decided to bring on something new. 


Before the release of The Batman showcased by Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck was the proud owner. Zack Snyder’s Batman displayed a much more balanced take. In Batman vs Superman we can see Batman taking on the bad guys mercilessly. His Bruce Wayne side also provided the fans exactly what they needed. Reports have also broken out the possibility of Ben Affleck coming back as Batman in the upcoming Flash movie. 


Despite all these brilliant takes on Batman, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy still stands tall. Starting with Batman Begins in 2005, the ingenious filmmaker had revolution on his mind. He wanted to emboss the perfect Batman in front of the audience, and he did. Nolan also went by the rulebook and provided mostly from the DC comics. He also tried to give a more sense of realism into his take on Batman. 

Then came the second part in 2008, The Dark Knight. Till date, its known as one of the best movies ever to be made. Not just in the superhero genre but as a whole. Scintillating performances from Christian Bale (Batman) and Heath Ledger (Joker) made it all possible. Obviously alongside Christopher Nolan’s brilliance. 


The last part known as, The Dark Knight Rises, hinted towards some criticism from the audience. In the last part, Nolan tried to portray the America’s War on terror alongside the French Revolution. He also managed to showcase hints from three different comic books. Although, Batman had a lesser screen time in this part in comparison to the other two. This might be due to his back being completely shattered and how he regathered himself in the prison. Where he was left by Bane by the way. While him being away, Gotham’s on high alert without their saviour. The police also get baited by Bane and his men in a tunnel. So the citizens of Gotham are all on their own. 

The last part of the trilogy was a success as well but it also faced some criticism. According to some fans, Nolan didn’t do justice to the closure of his trilogy. They thought that Talia and Bane’s plot was too weak to take over the city. It was somewhat unneeded. The fans also pointed towards the movie having no vivid plot. Although the movie showcased the end of Batman and his identity being opened to Commissioner Gordon. 

Nolan’s TDR Rejuvenation 

Regardless of what some people have to say about the movie, the rest of the world loved it. Even I thought that it was truly a Christopher Nolan masterclass and one of the best Batman portrayals ever. 

However just this week, The Dark Knight trilogy re-sparked again. It was included in the top 10 movies in US on Netflix. It was rated third on the list but it seems, the movie has no plans to go lower. The Dark Knight Rises came right in time on Netflix for its 10 year anniversary which is on the 20th of July.