Why Is Tesla Ending Key Fobs?
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Why Is Tesla Ending Key Fobs?

One of the most paramount aspects of a car are the car key fobs. If we go back a little, the traditional car keys. Although, the future seems like a tough one for even key fobs. Tesla has been the centre of attention in preventing people from using car key fobs. 

Tesla owners have the ability to control their car from a single device. May that be your phone or tablet, its fairly comfortable to use it through a device. On the basis of Tesla’s own research, they came to a conclusion that almost all of their customers use their phones to access the car. Key fobs are entirely evaded. Tesla had a sense of future when they launched their Model Y and Model 3 without a car key available. Although they had to offer key fobs later due to some customers’ change of opinions. 

The New Era

Tesla ended the car key fobs in July and will be completely stopping the production of any other related car key. Even though some customers use them, they still don’t plan on altering their decision. According to reports, Tesla plans on eliminating e-waste. Some other tech companies also acquired sustainable methods to reduce the amount of e-waste surfacing. 

The two new cars, Model S and Model X both were launched without any key fobs. However, Tesla has planned something for them as well. For the particular segment of people who want key fobs, Tesla would sell those to them for $175 separately. So if you don’t want to spend additional money over a key fob, you must use your mobile or keycard to access the vehicle. 

Although this might be shaping towards a keyless future. Back in the day, I used to flex with my car’s keys but it seems like times have changed now. This might be followed by other automobile companies as well. Tesla has sort of laid down the foundation for them to build upon. A keycard perhaps might be the chosen way of accessing the car right now. But a certain mobile application system for each car company is anticipated in the upcoming years.