Current Situation Between Shakira And Pique Amid Separation

Current Situation Between Shakira And Pique Amid Separation

Shakira and Gerard Pique have been the most controversial couple in the recent days. Reports broke out about the couple deciding to part ways in the form of a legal separation. They were married for 12 years and what looked like a perfect marriage has now taken a drastic turn. 

 Now that being separated is locked in the couple’s mind, several offers have been made by Shakira. She has made a glorious offer to Pique amid all this chaos. The idea of her legal team is to make Pique accept all of their terms with a blend of his benefit as well. Allegedly, Pique has rejected them all. What does their future life behold? And what about their 2 kids?

Shakira’s Proposal

Shakira has made quite a lot generous offers by now. First and foremost, Shakira has asked for full responsibility of their 2 children, Milan and Sasha. She plans on taking them with her to Miami. That would leave Pique with absolutely zero financial or legal responsibility over the kids. Although she has also offered to pay for the travelling costs of the footballer whenever he plans on visiting them to Miami. The offer said five times a year. Keeping in mind the tickets will be first class. 

Shakira has also asked in the offer for Pique to spend the entire summer with the kids. Although this might leave Pique with a lower amount of time being spent with his children. However, the financial part of the offer is completely in Pique’s favour. 

The legendary Colombian singer has also offered to pay around 20% for Pique’s current debt. Despite earning millions of Euros every month, the Catalunya star has involved himself in some legal issues in Spain. According to reports, he has a debt around €2.4 million. 

Pique’s Response To The Offer

Surprisingly, Pique has decided to decline all of these lavish offers made by Shakira. Pique’s main stance remains on thwarting Shakira from taking their children to Miami. His legal team is looking for ways to conduct a much more mutually agreeable resolution. 

As the sources tell, a potential could be reached in the upcoming days. The main issue still remains the custody of their kids. Pique wants them to settle somewhere near him in Spain but Shakira plans on taking them to Miami. Lets see what the future has to unfold.