Apple Urges Users To Stop Encasing Their Phones – Waste Of Money

Apple Urges Users To Stop Encasing Their Phones – Waste Of Money

In a recent advertisement released by Apple, they’ve asked the users to avoid encasing their phones. The cases just ruin the class of the beautiful devices that the company makes, according to Apple. 

Every single one of us uses a case to protect our costly iPhone. Although some of us still do it even if its not required. However not only Apple users, every smartphone user has the habit to encase their phone. When you buy a phone, it looks appealing. But then you go on and put a heavy case on it. Which totally conceals its charm. 

I mean is that because we’re afraid of dropping it or do we think its essential for us to encase it? Or if putting on a well designed case will enhance our smartphone’s beauty?

Some cases are catchy and cleverly designed that give a further neat look to our phone. But that’s just the point. The phones are already made so captivating that detailing them further takes the charm out of it. 

It seems like that Apple has certainly decided to break the spree. 

The Advertisement

The tech company released an advertisement regarding the quintessential habit of all of its users. Well we never see anyone from Apple’s workforce with a case on their iPhone. The ad’s sole purpose is intended towards urging users to stop encasing their iPhones. 

In the ad, an iPhone 13 can be seen on the fringe of a table. The iPhone is placed without a case, to be precise. Suddenly, the phone starts ringing and vibrating of course. The next events are quite anticipated, aren’t they? It definitely falls off the table. None of us inspect what condition our phone is in and immediately consider it good to go. 

“iPhone 13 with Ceramic Shield. Tougher than any smartphone glass. Relax, it’s iPhone,” states Apple. 

Well do you see the game here? Apple is sending us a signal. They are urging us to unwrap our phones from the heavy cases we have wrapped them with. They are sending us that message in the politest manner possible. The company is convinced that every iPhone user should flaunt their phone with enjoyably. 

You have to agree with the fact that your mobiles are more attractive than any of the cases you apply on them. So use them without encasing them. Feel more free. And even set your phone free.