5 Best Watches Under 40mm Available In The Market

5 Best Watches Under 40mm Available In The Market

Yes there are some giant wristwatches that look good but there’s just something about the little ones. There are some magnificent small timepieces that would go surprisingly decent with your wrists. Here are 5 of the best small watches available in market. 

King Seiko SPB2xx Series

This watch is first on our list due to a number of reasons. It has a vintage yet modern design that brings a certain class to it. The gears and movement of this watch is absolutely top tier as well. This 37mm watch is moulded in 12mm thick stainless steel. I mean to top it off, Seiko offers the SPB2xx series in a lot different colours as well for the dial. You can go for either one of these; Silver, light gray, red, brown and charcoal. However there’s a limited edition model as well that comes in a very unique colour for a dial. The limited edition purple dial watch is slightly more expensive than the usual ones. It goes for around $1,880. However, the normal ones can be purchased for $1,700 – 1,720. 

Longines Spirit

Longines is a brand that doesn’t shy away from producing the most classy and luxurious watches. They have manufactured a lot of sensational watches over the years. One of their recent releases, The Spirit Zulu Time GMT is going places. The same series offers a 37mm Spirit version that is outstanding as well. If you’re looking for a smaller version of a top notch watch, you have to get this one at the summit of your list. It has a stainless steel dial which is around almost 11.5mm thick. Its obviously water resistant as well. The price for this watch may vary on the selection of the strap of your choice. The one with the bracelet strap can be purchased for $2,500 almost and the leather strap one comes in around for $2,200. 

Tudor Black Bay Pro

Its safe to say that Tudor is one of the most talked watch brands in the world. So it was inevitable to include one of their watches in the list. However, the Black Bay Pro also speaks for itself. This 39mm watch revolves around a 14.5mm thick stainless steel case. It is also water resistant to a maximum of 200 meters as well. It comes in the bracelet form for around $3,840. Although it was the centre of a debate when it was released due to its resemblance to the Rolex Explorer II ref. 1655 but it can be said that both watches have different things to offer. 

Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto

I mean if you’re browsing for smaller watches, Hamilton should be the first brand you should rush to. They offer a great deal of small watches and some of them are one of the very best as well. Their military obsession has also urged them to release smaller watches. However, one of their most talked watches this year was the Khaki Field Titanium Auto. This watch comes in two variants, 38mm and 42mm. However, the 38mm version has got a swagger about it. As the name suggests, it has a titanium casing around it. The colour options are minimal but both of them manage to do the work. You can of course choose the Khaki colour or the black one. With a leather strap, it can be bought for around $910. 

Serica 5303-3

Serica 5303-3 certainly deserved a place in this list. The watch has a lot to offer alongside looking fine. It is a 39mm timepiece covered in 12mm thick stainless steel. It is water resistant for up to 300 meters. May I suggest the midnight blue colour that further enhances the beauty of this watch. Its bracelet smothers your wrist, literally. It attaches quite easily yet firmly. This excellent timepiece can be bought for $1,315.