Why Does The Inflight Food Taste So Bland?
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Why Does The Inflight Food Taste So Bland?

One of the most interesting aspects of travelling by air is the inflight food. Although it can be be a poor experience at times. Having meals throughout the flight is necessary when the journey is a long one. Your meal is decided by the airline on the basis of your class. If you’re travelling in business class, you’ll be treated with different, much more varied meals. It also depends on the longevity of your journey. We’ll fully breakdown the inflight meals and catering services in this post. 

Now as you all must know that the meals are stored in a separate compartment allotted by the airline in the aircraft. Some airlines even decide to cook those meals during the flight. 

The food department in an ongoing flight has always been the toughest hurdle for an airline. 

Why Does The Food Taste Dry

Well the most common question among every passenger is that why does the food taste bland and dry. The answer to this is that its not the food that’s actually dry but your body. The dry air circulating during an ongoing flight dehydrates the body. As a result of this our taste buds become responsive and we even lose some of our smelling sense. Thats why the food we eat tastes dry, bland and even bitter at times. Now to tackle this situation, airlines adopt some unhealthy ways to go about making meals. Extra salt and sugar is added into the meals so that they can at least become edible for the passengers. 

Now the catering service inflight is a big challenge for the cabin crew. They have to move through the galleys with carts holding the meals and beverages. It might become a little untidy in case of sudden turbulence or other similar difficulties. 

Particular Menus And Meals

Not everyone is feasible to the food being served in the airlines. You might be a vegetarian or lactose intolerant. In such cases, you can always ask the airline you’re travelling with to make a particular sort of food for you. But you have to fill them in with all the important information beforehand. Some airlines already offer vegetarian meals. Now some people can’t have the same meals as everyone on a flight due to their religious beliefs. For instance, Hindus avoid eating cow meat due to their religious ties with cows. Muslims will have to eat Halal food. That’s obligatory in their religion. People with health issues can also prearrange their meals. So to make your flight peaceful, you can make arrangements with the airline prior to your flight. Another benefit of prearranging your meals would be that you’ll be served before the regular passengers. 

Yet some airlines still struggle to handle the food system during a flight. Most airlines are also closely studying the possibility of having professional chefs onboard to make matters feasible. Although this might be only for business class travellers.