Tottenham Eyeing Leicester’s James Maddison As New Signing
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Tottenham Eyeing Leicester’s James Maddison As New Signing

This transfer window has proven exceptionally brilliant for Tottenham Hotspur. Although after successfully acquiring 6 players already, they’re not done yet. They are eyeing another top talent and here is all you need to know about it. 

Tottenham have shown great interest in Leicester City’s James Maddison. They believe that the English midfielder is the only piece left of the puzzle, to make their squad strong enough to go for the title. Ryan Taylor has been closely studying the situation and he agreed about the interest shown from the North London side. 

Busy Transfer Window For Spurs

Although Spurs have been a lot busy this transfer window. Finishing in the top 4 was just a glimpse of how strong they can be with Antonio Conte as their manager. However you might already know that Conte means business at all times. He never settles for less. He’s won at every club he’s been to in the last 6 years. Tottenham have already had the signature of Yves Bissouma, Richarlison, Fraser Forster, Ivan Perisic, Djed Spence and Clement Lenglet. Literally a player for each position in the game of football. Maddison is the newest entry under their deep observation. 

Maddison was extraordinarily exceptional for Leicester City last season, scoring 12 goals alongside providing 8 assists. Not an easy thing to do in the toughest league in the world. 

Ryan Taylor certainly thinks that Conte’s side is observing Maddison nowadays. Although he doesn’t know how strong their desire is. 

“Maddison, I think there’s interest, but I don’t know how strong that interest is and whether they will actually make a move considering he would probably cost upwards of £50m.” The Journalist said during an interview with GMS. 

What Maddison Could Bring To Spurs

Maddison would be a great inclusion to the moderate midfield of Spurs. They had everything at their disposal last season but just lacked in the midfield department. Which by the way this season, is looking quite strong. The Englishman doesn’t only provide great long balls and passes but he can attack quite dazzlingly as well. He currently sits at Leicester with a £110,000 wage but he proves his worth on the field. It would be a great addition to an overwhelming Tottenham squad this season. He’s young, quick and offensive minded. He can bring a lot to any team. 

Although the question remains; How would he settle in Conte’s system? Conte goes with a quintessential formation of 3-4-3. He applied this system to every club he’s been. Even when he was appointed by Chelsea and led them to the title the very same season, he opted this formation. Even last year with Inter Milan, he managed to clinch the title off AC Milan with this formation throughout the season. Although Maddison being an attacking midfielder won’t fit in Conte’s current system. And I personally don’t think he would be flexible with his current system. Maddison could settle in a more central and less offensive role but that’s up to him whether he wants to settle for less or not.