Top Gun:Maverick Guarantees Tom A Giant Payday Of $100 Million
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Top Gun:Maverick Guarantees Tom A Giant Payday Of $100 Million

Tom Cruise is all set to enjoy one of the biggest paydays in the history of cinema. All thanks to a deal made prior to the filming of Top Gun: Maverick. 

The trend of profit-sharing in cinematic industry is quite offbeat for some actors. However, those who make a deal of taking a certain cut of profits before filming a movie, sometimes make a fortune out of it. Next in line could be Tom Cruise in light of his recent blockbuster film, Top Gun: Maverick. This sequel of a 30 year old film is also the biggest movie of this year so far. Its also Tom Cruise’s biggest movie as of yet. It has already crossed the $1 billion mark at the box office and has no plans to slow down. 

According to several sources, Tom made a deal before the shooting started, to be given a certain cut out of all the profit the movie makes. He chose to go with this option instead of the $12.5 million salary he was being offered. According to Puck News, “10 percent of the movie’s first-dollar gross with escalators that increase his percentage at certain milestones.”

Payday Like None For Tom Cruise

Although Tom might have to wait for some while as Paramount hasn’t been able to hit the $125 million profit mark currently but is sure as hell going to. Although when it does, Tom Cruise is expected to be paid $100 million dollars. A $12.5 million basic salary deal turned into a staggering $100 million. Thats 8D chess from my guy Cruise. 

However, Tom isn’t going to take a break anytime soon. Even after potentially getting a cheque of $100 million. He has other projects to provide his services for. Mission Impossible revealed a short trailer for their upcoming part that again involves Tom Cruise reprising his role as Ethan Hunt. I mean you gotta give it to Tom for still going on when at this age most of the actors are looking for retirements or long term breaks. Also seeing how he runs, performs stunts and gets injured while filming for Mission Impossible films, you want to admire Tom’s dedication even more. 

Quintessential Mission Impossible 

I mean he has hung onto an airplane, performed dangerous stunts at the highest level of Burj Khalifa. And now in the upcoming movie, he can be seen saying no to death again. Tom Cruise just recently survived in an aircraft that went completely upside down mid-flight. Although for him and Ethan Hunt, “just another day at the office”. 

Moreover, this might be another hit Tom Cruise will be planning for the next year. A lot of reports have stated that Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One might not live high enough to people’s expectations but Dead Reckoning Part Two surely will. However Tom will be looking for the movie to cross the $1 billion mark at the box office again. As he has become even more motivated after Top Gun: Maverick.