Thor: Love And Thunder’s Below Par Box Office Collection Worries MCU

Thor: Love And Thunder’s Below Par Box Office Collection Worries MCU

Thor: Love and Thunder was just released recently and it’s been a somewhat unexpected experience so far. Over the last weekend the total box office collection was around $46 million. The movie also did collect $232 million at the box office for a total of ten days. Although there still remains a hollow. 

That total ten day collection is a significant 68% drop from its opening weekend collection. Such a significant loss for a gigantic movie like Thor has been uncalled for. Marvel movies have set the bar so high, its even getting tough for them to reach that level now?

Despite the unforeseen change of events, Thor: Love and Thunder is still identified as crossing the $300 million domestic and $700 million global mark. However, the reviews and fans suggest otherwise. 

Disney+ will release the movie on their stream after 40+ days. Up till now, its anticipated as the only superhero movie to released until September. In September, Avatar gets released and subsequently in October, Black Adam. Although, DC is bringing war to Marvel currently. Warner Bros. alongside DC are looking to launch DC League Of Pets on 29th July. The world will go crazy if the DC movie crosses Thor in any aspect. No disrespect to DC but they have always had a little lesser impact at the box office compared to Marvel. This could wage war between the two. 

Potential Competitors

If Thor: Love and Thunder follows the journey of Black Widow, they’re expected to reach the target of $325 million domestic. Black Widow also adopted a sluggish approach after its opening weekend. Thor 4 is also anticipated as beating Thor: Ragnarok at the box office. Thor Ragnarok was released in 2017 and gathered a domestic total of $317 million. A bit far fetched, but it can also beat The Batman’s total domestic box office collection of $370 million. 

Thor: Love and Thunder lost its way somewhere in the plot according to the fans. I mean we can see some old-new faces. Jane Foster is back as the Mighty Thor. Thor himself also gets back in the best shape of his life somehow. Probably Spiderman: No Way Home has set the bar way too high for other Marvel single-hero movies. 

It might’ve already crossed the $500 million global mark by now. Last I checked, which was yesterday, it stood at $498 million. Thor: Ragnarok though, crossed the $800 million worldwide mark quite easily. Even if it does cross  their very own, Doctor Strange is all ready to say hello. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the third movie to collect the highest box office total in MCU history, $955 million. Third as in not a Spiderman or Ironman movie. 

Worrying Times For MCU?

However the upcoming MCU movies still have a hurdle to go through. If Black Panther: Wanda Forever ends up in the same situation as Thor 4, anxiousness awaits MCU. The current circumstances have also put Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.’s future at stake. Probably the limited edition series released by MCU on Disney+ has got to do something with the relatively lower box office rate. 

All said and done, Marvel is still one of the biggest franchises in the world. These numbers might seem rookie to them but if seen from someone else’s perspective, their quite impressive. There’s nothing to worry about Thor 4’s unimpressive form, not every solo hero movie can hit the $1 billion mark after all. However, if the upcoming Marvel movies start to produce the very same numbers, then there should be certain nervousness among the MCU.