This Chief Stewardess Of A Superyacht Once Received An £8,400 Tip

This Chief Stewardess Of A Superyacht Once Received An £8,400 Tip

Martina Drezancic is the chief stewardess for MailOnline Travel. She says that she has to deal with shocking customer demands on deck. We’re going to unveil some of them. 

The Superyacht chief stewardess Martina Drezancic has spoken about the real deal that goes on about the deck. She works for MailOnline Travels and she further states that she has never said “no” to a customer demand. No matter how strange they might get. 

She works on 150+ ft yacht that is gone by the name of M/Y Freedom. The yacht can certainly accommodate up to 22 guests. The boat includes a cinema, hot tub, pool, gym and massage room as well. A week’s rent on this yacht can cost a $80,000 – 100,000. 

What Happens On Deck, Stays On Deck

Martina has stated that how she has never refused a request on deck. She performs her duties with the utmost dedication and motivation. We might know how unexpected some of the requests from the customers can be sometimes but she has lifted a lid from a new world of unusual demands. She also says how disciplined one needs to be in order to work on a yacht. ‘Working on a yacht is like being in the army. Order, work, discipline. Anyone who doesn’t follow this doesn’t need to be on board at all,” she said during an interview. 

She also said that “From the very beginning, I am really clear with what is expected. It’s really important that they are on board with that. There is no place for the word ‘but’. It doesn’t matter how they did it before on another boat, there is only one way of doing things.”

Until now you can see how disciplined she is. Her disciplinary activities have managed to get her a title of “Hitler” on board. 

She believes that when everyone is working in order, everything goes perfect. Less time is wasted and more tasks can be completed this way. She urges every staff member on board to perform their duties efficiently and effectively. 

A Shocking Tip?

Martina also stated that once she got “an £8,400 tip” from a customer. Perks of being disciplined onboard?

The Croatian also said that once she received an unexpected request from a customer. “One guest requested chicken eggs from chickens that eat only worms. He wanted the maximum amount of protein in the eggs.” 

Well that is how tough and arduous it can get on a yacht. But Martina seems to deliver what she’s asked of. She takes her job seriously and that allows her to make no margin for errors.