Places In The World Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Places In The World Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Well Newton’s laws have always taught us that if something goes up in the air, it will come down eventually. Exactly why we don’t see humans, cars, trees, mountains etc floating in the air. Gravity is widely receptive throughout the course of Earth but some places on the planet plan to defy the logics. 

As it seems, some places don’t take the whole gravity thing seriously. To be precise, there are some places on Earth that cannot feel the gravitational force. 

Golden Boulder In Burma

The golden boulder in Myanmar is for sure the most unrealistic sight on Earth in terms of gravity. This special golden boulder is said to remain balanced on a mountain known as Mt. Kyaikitiyo. The people of the city say that the golden rock is still standing firmly on the strand of a legendary Buddha’s hair. Now it may look like the rock is about to fall but that’s not the case. The boulder is been standing still for thousands of years. Mt. Kyaikitiyo is a religious place for the people of Burma. This sight is also widely visited by many tourists from around the world. The surprising non-gravitational features are the centre of attention every time a person visits the mountain. 

Hudson Bay In Canada

Well the Hudson Bay is quite unknown to gravity. This large body of saltwater is located in the northeastern side of Canada. Gravity hasn’t been found near this area even before people started suspecting. Several scientists found out about the unusual characteristics of the Hudson Bay. People feel lighter whenever they visit this sight. They weigh lower than what they’re actually weighed. Several theories have been made about the Hudson Bay but nothing has proven a 100% certain. 

Gravity Hill In Armenia

The gravity hill is located in the mount Aragats in Armenia. Its one of the highest places found in  whole of Armenia. This is another place unknown to gravity. The shocking part is that even a river located nearby flows towards the upper side. Some people even tried taking cars on this unique hill. When they put their cars on neutral, they seem to start going upwards. How shocking is that! 

Even the people find it easier trekking upwards than going back downwards. They feel like simply walking on a straight path. Due to its non-gravitational factors, several people from across the globe visit this area throughout the year. 

Rua Do Amendoin In Brazil

This street in Brazil is widely known for its unusual characteristics. People get their minds blown whenever they set a foot on this street. Now the street has an uphill side. Whenever people start their journey in their car on the uphill side, they seem to find something abnormal. Cars start getting pulled upwards without a force from the back. Even if you don’t press on the accelerator and leave it on neutral, you’ll feel like going uphill. Sometimes the impact is so hard that the drivers have to use brakes. Now most people think its an illusion going on in the mind. But other people have their own theories, which involve supernatural stuff. 

Magnetic Hill In Canada

Canada is known for another gravity defying area which is located in Moncton City. The magnetic hill is also known for pulling things upwards. Even while trekking you’ll find it easier going uphill than downhill. Cars seem to do the same when left on neutral. The bizarre characteristics of this hill were first noticed somewhere around the 1930s. Still it makes up for attracting people from all over the world just to experience the peculiar mannerism of the magnetic hill. The hill also has a sign along a literal magnet made beside.