New iPhone 14 Leak Poses An Issue For Apple Users

New iPhone 14 Leak Poses An Issue For Apple Users

iPhone 14 is expected to be Apple’s finest as of yet. Its speed is rumoured to be the quickest a smartphone could ever have. Although a recent analytical approach has left us all in a shock. 

Jason Cross, who works for Macworld has laid down a detailed analysis for every leak or tip he’s received for iPhone 14. He recently stated that several performance upgrades will be featured in the new iPhone. A staggering 50% increment in memory bandwidth. 25-30% increase in graphical performance. However, there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes down to its CPU. 

Surprising Speed Loss

Apple’s all new A16 chip for iPhone 14 will only feature a 15% boost in CPU performance in comparison with iPhone 13’s A15 chip. It came as a big shock to Apple enthusiasts as many of the rumours pointed towards a 40% increment in CPU performance. 

It looks like the perfect year for Apple to dominate their Pro models instead of non-Pro models. Notable differences will be witnessed between both variants. Camera differences were already anticipated but now we can also say that the chips will differ as well. 

RAM Change

In contrast, Apple is likely to convert from LPDDR4x RAM to LPDDR5. The LPDDR4x RAM is more efficient when it comes down to power consumption. However, The LPDDR5 RAM is more quicker than the current one. The reason for this sudden change of plans is that enhancing the RAM subsequently means enhancing the overall systematic performance. 

Not only this, iPhone 14 is also expected to have a much faster charging programme. According to reports, 50% of the mobile can be charged in only 15 minutes. Although this might lead to its price getting a potential appraisal.