MacBook Air M2 Launching In Stores Next Week
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MacBook Air M2 Launching In Stores Next Week

There were two M2 chip variants released this year by Apple. One is the MacBook Air and the other is MacBook Pro. However, MacBook Pro got the opportunity to be released earlier. It was released in the latter half of June. 

Apple has officially selected the release date of MacBook Air 2022 as well. According to the tech giant, MacBook Air with M2 chip will be up for sale at July 15. 7 days from now, the new MacBook Air variant will be up for grabs. 

Important Features

It will be available in four unique colours, giving the users more diversity to choose. It will also feature a 1080p front camera which is expected to be the best as of yet in any of the MacBook variants. Its expected to be sharp and much more clearer unlike the MacBook Pro 2022. This Air variant will maintain a 13.6 inch liquid Retina display alongside the true tone effect as well. This just makes the screen more classier and easier to use. The battery life is guaranteed to be of a staggering 18 hours. And yes, MagSafe is back as well. It will also be lighter than the Pro variants. It will be weighed around 1.25 kgs. 


MagSafe is a magnetically attached wireless power transmitter developed and launched by Apple. It can also be attached to your accessories. It was released in 2020 alongside the iPhone 12 variants. The duty of MagSafe is to completely charge your device in the matter of minutes. MagSafe also adapts to the conditions and surroundings nearby to automatically enable optimised charging methods. Its one of the most fast wireless chargers available. 

However an important note, preorders are starting from today, 8th of July. You can rush onto Apple’s website or the Apple Store app on your iPhone to claim yours. There’s also a chance to avail a massive advantage as well. If you have any sort of access to an educational discount, you will be charged $100 less than the original price. The starting price of MacBook Air 2022 is $1,199.