Jeff Bezos Purchases $500 Million Super Yacht – It’s Insanely Huge

Jeff Bezos Purchases $500 Million Super Yacht – It’s Insanely Huge

Its not that big of a deal when Jeff Bezos buys something that costs others a fortune. However, he is soon to be the owner of a $500 million yacht. This 400 feet long yacht is full of surprises and we’re going to unfold some of them. 

Jeff Bezos is the second richest man in the world. He can purchase stuff that might not even be in the dreams of certain people. Just recently, news broke out of him venturing towards a $500 million yacht. This superyacht goes by the name of Y721. It was constructed in the Netherlands. This luxurious yacht has about three decks and is considered 417 feet long. Such an enormous yacht can only be built by Oceanco, as expected. 

Oceanco is a company that makes customised ships and yachts. They are widely known for building luxurious and huge yachts. The owner of the company is Mohammed Al Barwani. He’s a billionaire who belongs to Oman. Although upon completion, this yacht will subsequently claim the record for being the largest yacht the world has ever witnessed. 

The Y721 is going to be the biggest yacht as soon as it starts sailing. As mentioned before that it was constructed in the Netherlands, it will have to sail through the iconic steel bridge in the Netherlands. The bridge is quite flexible when it comes to megayachts like these. One of its junction is removable from the centre so that these sorts of boats can pass through. We’re talking about the De Hef bridge. It can be lifted almost 130 feet above its level. 

Yacht Only For Helicopters?

Alongside the Y721, Jeff Bezos will also acquire the YS7512. Its job will be to act as a helipad. It will also be used as a storage facility. Jet skis and other particular water vehicles will be stored inside of it. It can also take up to 45 people at a time, comfortably. 

One of the most surprising aspects of Jeff’s new yacht is that its highly ecological as well. As per the reports, the yacht will be able to sail through an entire ocean without burning any sort of fossil fuel. Perhaps solar power system might make it even more plausible. It will also attain a hybrid propulsion system. Another amazing eco friendly feature is that it will be able to transform heat and energy into electrical energy. 

Works are still under process for this yacht to be entirely built. Although neither Jeff nor Oceanco has confirmed that its designated towards the Amazon boss.