iOS Taking Tips From Android And Implementing Them

iOS Taking Tips From Android And Implementing Them

iOS has always been the subject of an argument with Android. Whether you agree or disagree, Android has given users the freedom to conduct their own activities. Apple on the other presented the iPhone in a restricted manner. All details and customisations were laid down by Apple and users could only edit a few details. Apple has been adhering to their quintessential style for a decade now. But with the introduction of iOS16, it all seems history now. Apple seems to be talking ideas from Android systems. This manner can easily push android users to change sides. 

iOS16 Lock Screen Rejuvenation 

Apple has always gone with the traditional lock screen. Yet it had some changes to it through all the years. The finger print and slide to unlock feature is still rememberable. I’ve been an iOS user from the very start but even I was amazed when I saw how things are revolutionising with the iOS16. The iOS16 will allow users to build their own customised lock screen. A feature that was even far from a debate. Different fonts, wallpaper options, colours and widgets will be included. The process to determine the best possible lock screen will solely depend on the user. They can do whatever they want or like dissimilar to previous years. Apple used to think one for everyone. That’s entirely not the case. Every user’s thought process is distinguished. But with iOS16, users can present more of themselves through their iPhones. 

The inclusion of widgets were first displayed on iOS15 but in the name of home screen. Lock screen widgets will be the same but completely different in influence. Users will be able to look at calendars, weather forecasts, reminders and batteries of devices connected to their iPhone. That’s a whole new level for Apple users. 


Another Android-like feature are the adjustable notifications. Apple no longer has the right to select the manner in which you will receive notifications. Every decision and adjustment will be according to your likeness. Whether you want to receive them in number, stack or list form. 

Consumers Interest Intact

Apple has given its users complete freedom in some unexpected departments. iOS16 not only allows users to customise their lock screens or notifications but even the apps as well. Few by default installed apps that were of absolutely no use were allowed to be deleted. But in iOS16, even the key apps are being allowed to be uninstalled. Apps like Clock, Weather and calculator can also be deleted in the new iOS16.

New Photo Options

Photos are also taking a great turn. With iOS16, users will have the go ahead of deleting duplicated pictures within one click. Copy pasting techniques in the photos department is also being affected. Other pro features can also be expected. But the baseline is, its not going to be how it used to be. 

Depending on all the changes with iOS16, do you see yourself changing to iOS? I mean a lot of Android-like features are being guaranteed. Thats very unlikely of Apple though but seeing how they are adapting to the situation, its going to be one hell of a ride.