Galaxy Watch 4 Sensors Better Than Medical Gadgets – Study Reveals
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Galaxy Watch 4 Sensors Better Than Medical Gadgets – Study Reveals

Recently, a study has revealed that Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s sensors are generally comparable to actual medical devices and tools. Does that make it the best smartwatch to buy?

Groundbreaking Research 

A research was posted in the Sleep Health journal days back that called out Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 sensors for SpO2 are in terms with actual medical tools. The research also showcased the analysis of both the smartwatch and medical tools all together. As it was seen, the readings on both devices were somewhat very similar. 

The analysis went down at Samsung’s very own medical centre and apparently, Samsung also paid for the research. A set of people thought that the analysis were rigged. However, the research was laid out in the observation of around 6 medical professionals. 

The main highlight of the study was the competence of Galaxy 4’s Blood Oxygen sensor – located at the back of the watch. The readings it showed were correct and it can help the user track their health conditions. That too without having to go for regular checkups. 

Better Than Actual Medical Tools?

However the most surprising aspect of the study was that the analysis revealed that the smartwatch is a better tool than authentic medical appliances. “Collect oxygen differently” was stated in the analysis. Samsung Galaxy Watxh 4 acquires readings of the pulse through the skin obviously but the medical term for that is Pulse Oximetry. On the other hand, medical tools take the support of a CO-Oximeter. 

Make that of what you will but it might be a groundbreaking upgrade for Galaxy 4 watch users. As its highly probable that many people go through such health conditions. Trouble while sleeping is the most common problem found among the users – a survey revealed. Regardless of what certain people think, Samsung is absolutely blooming apropos to the fact that their watch is capable to perform such functions.