Bluetooth Finally Develops LE Audio Spec And It’s Truly Next-Gen

Bluetooth Finally Develops LE Audio Spec And It’s Truly Next-Gen

We’re on the verge of getting exposed to greater horizon’s now that Bluetooth has been successfully able to develop the LE Audio spec. This next-gen feature has a lot to offer. It will completely change the way we look at Bluetooth devices. 

Well now that Bluetooth have delivered their promise of getting the LE Audio spec, we can expect a lot of things. Bluetooth first announced this feature in 2020. It seems like now they have managed to deliver their terms after a significant delay.

LE Audio 

LE Audio’s inclusion in Bluetooth will allow the audio to stream on the lowest possible energy level. It reduces power consumption compared to the current Bluetooth audio dynamics. Bluetooth LE Audio has been developed to give users a better power performance alongside brilliant audio. Enhancement of bandwidth and latency will also be expected. The LE Audio will also enable us to connect with as much devices as we want. That too through a sole channel. 

Although Bluetooth made the decision to launch LE Audio at the start of 2020. The company was convinced with the idea of users being allowed to connect to various devices through a single source. Alongside better power consumption and sound. However, the new feature was supposed to be released the same year had it not been for the COVID pandemic. The delay allowed them to work even more attentively on their new feature. Nonetheless, now that its been successfully launched, manufacturers can now start using this new feature. Moreover, the headphones or other devices which support Bluetooth, will now be released with the LE Audio feature intact. 

Bluetooth’s Best Project Ever?

“Today is a proud day for the Bluetooth SIG member community,” says the CEO of Bluetooth SIG, Mark Powell. He further mentioned, “Our members overcame the many challenges placed on them these past few years to complete the largest specification development project in the history of the Bluetooth SIG. LE Audio extends the boundaries of what’s possible for the wireless audio market.”

The LE Audio will be able to perform a lot tasks in many different aspects. However, the most influential aspect still remains the introduction of LC3 Codec. It’s designated to deliver better audio transmission. The quality of the audio will subsequently increase. It’s also more efficient the current SBC Codec. Better quantity that too at a lower bit rate is just what the world of wireless devices needed. Lower bit rate means lower power consumption which will make the device last longer.