Apple Has Removed This Awesome Feature From The AirTag

Apple Has Removed This Awesome Feature From The AirTag

Apple has taken out an important AirTag feature and it might come back to haunt them for real. It seems to have been unavailable since the start of iOS 15.6 and it might not even come back for iOS 16. 

Apple has removed an influential AirTag feature, with intention. As you can no longer track the battery levels of your AirTag in the Find My app. It feels like that Apple has cemented their stance upon not enabling this feature ever again. 

What Is An AirTag?

For the people who are still unaware of what actually an Apple AirTag is. AirTag is a small device that can be fixated on a number of things. Most people tend to use it as a keychain. However, as soon as the AirTag starts working, it  keeps you updated about your belongings in the Find My app. If you’re using it as a keychain and you unintentionally lose it, you can make your AirTag play a loud sound, which might help you in locating the lost item much quicker. You can also use your iPhone to track its whereabouts. 

However, AirTags don’t consume much energy that you should be worried about, but you must have its battery replaced every once in a while. However, the AirTag did seem to give the user indications about it current battery level but now it seems to have gone in the wind. 

Battery Indicator 

Before this change of plans by Apple, the AirTag had a battery indicator in the Find My app. The AirTag itself doesn’t have a user interface but it worked perfectly fine in the app. Although truth be told, it didn’t allow users to get a much more detailed analysis of the battery levels but it was there in the form of an icon. It indicated you that its time to change the battery whenever it turned red. To make it even better, Apple also used to send a reminder notification as to get your battery replaced as soon as possible. 

As of now, there is no icon placed in the app. No visuals about the battery levels changing. You just seem to get a reminder notification from Apple now. To further authenticate this news, Apple has also removed any piece of information about the battery indicator from the ‘AirTag Support’ page. Now it says that a reminder will be pushed whenever the battery gets to stage of getting replaced. 

Apple’s Verdict

The company hasn’t made an official statement as of yet about the disappearance of the battery icon. However, it could be possible that they got rid of it intentionally. It also might be possible that they removed it because sometimes it showed faulty battery levels with inaccurate results. So we’ll have to adapt unless Apple makes an official announcement regarding the topic.