Amazing Features Coming To WhatsApp In New Update

Amazing Features Coming To WhatsApp In New Update

Whatsapp is officially ranked as the most used online conversations app in the world. It has around 2 billion active across the globe. To maintain such high audience, Whatsapp regularly keeps updating their existing operations. However, you can expect a number of new changes coming onto Whatsapp in the upcoming days. 

Beta versions have been released and are currently in use by some people. Whatsapp hasn’t officially declared a release date. Whatsapp has not even spoken about the features themselves. But if they are available in the beta, then they will surely be included in the next big update. 

Edit Messages

The most surprising addition to the long list of features, is the ability to edit your sent messages. Yes you heard that right. You will allowed to alter your messages after you’ve sent them. This feature is not yet available on famous apps like Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat. But you can find this feature in Discord and Telegram. However there still lies a confusion situation. There’s uncertainty regarding the time limit for you to edit your sent message. Some experts are rather skeptical that you won’t be able to edit your messages after 24 hours have been passed. But still, nothing is official as of yet. 

Emoji Reactions

As of now, Whatsapp only has 6 emoji reactions available for use. But that will not be the case with the new Whatsapp. You will be able to select more emoji’s from a vast collection. The emoji reactions to messages have become quite popular in the past few months. Almost every online conversation app have adapted to this new feature. 

Voice Message Upgrade 

Almost all of us have experienced getting put off whilst recording a voice message. Even if you’re 50 seconds underway the recording, a call or message will hold the ability to completely demolish all of it. However with the new update, you will be able to pause your voice message while recording. After you’ve dealt with your chores, you can pick up from the exact point you left it at. The new update will also allow you to listen to your recordings before sending them. 

Cover Photos

Well this function will only be available to the business accounts. Business accounts on Whatsapp will now be able to reconstruct their profiles like Facebook. The new addition of Cover Photos will allow users to display another image alongside their profile picture. Business owners will be able to express more about their business and its activities this way. 

Mute People In Group Calls

The most demanded feature as of yet is the ability to mute particular people during a group call. This was the most desirable option of many. If you find someone rather disrespectful or abusive, you can directly mute them without offending anyone in the group call by leaving. Also if you happen to hear a lot of loud sounds out of somebody’s mic, you can mute them to avoid any sort of unpleasant environment. 

Backup Restoration 

One of the newest features coming to Whatsapp is the exportation of your data to a safe place. This will allow users to stay more calm with their data. A lot of us used to get scared on even the littlest of inconveniences due to the salient data present in the account. But now you can export your data to a safe platform and transfer it back whenever you change your phone. You will also be able to restore your chats with the new update. Something entirely unknown to Whatsapp users. 

Conceal Your Status

Whatsapp will also allow you to completely hide your online status. The concealment will be totally dependable on your choice. Whether you want to hide it from certain individuals or all of your contacts or from everyone. I’m too excited for this feature because I get a lot of texts on WhatsApp and whenever I’m online, it gets tough for me to reply back to everyone.